T-Link is a complete system which will provide a one-way UHF radio link between fire or intruder panels

Expandable And Configurable

The basic T-Link is a pre-configured 5-Zone, ‘off-the-shelf’ one-way radio link intended to connect remotely located fire panels, or intruder panels. It comprises a 5-Zone DigiLink 3 transmitter combined with an RX10 Receiver. Aerials are included, although you will need to choose which power option you need: Mains AC, 12V dc or 24Vdc.


Although the basic T-Link offer comes pre-configured, you can purchase an optional programming kit to enable user configuration of the both the DigiLink 3 and RX10.


If you require more than 5 to 10 zones, then a 10-zone DigiLink 3 transmitter is required instead, and you would need to purchase the DigiLink 3, RX10 Receiver, and aerials individually.

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Technical Overview


A fire or Intruder panel in one building may be required to activate one or more alarm inputs on the panel of another nearby building.   The T-Link radio telemetry link is a cost-effective means of achieving this. 


The basic T-Link offer comprises a DigiLink 3 transmitter and RX10 receiver, which have been pre-configured on the same frequency, and such that the zone inputs on the DigiLink 3 (zones 1 to 5) corresponds with the zones 1 to 5 of the RX10.  


The fire or security zone panel outputs will comprise voltage-free contacts, such that a change-of-state at the panel output will be recognised by the DigiLink 3’s input and transmitted as a message to the RX10 receiver where it is translated as a relay opening or closure, thereby replicating the source panel’s output state for that zone.


The 5-Zone DigiLink inputs corresponds directly to the RX10 inputs 1 to 5.  If you require up to 10 zones, then a 10-zone DigiLink 3 transmitter can be purchased, and both the 10-zone DigiLink and RX10 can be configured such that all zones 1- 10 correspond on both devices.


The 10-zone DigiLink 3 version also has a special ‘Burglar Alarm’ mode with configurable entry/exit delay, transit zones and entry zone.  This is implemented on zone 9 input.  Additionally, Zone 10 Input can be used for tamper alarm purposes.

In the 10-zone requirement, the 10-zone DigiLink 3 and RX10 and aerials are bought individually.   You can request that Scope configure these units according to your wishes or use the Programming Software Kit (explained below).

The RX10 also offers a serial port for data logging, or for use as a serial repeater.  The serial data repeater function does not apply in the T-Link application.


Regular ‘In Service’ calls can be automatically sent to the receiver which can trigger a ‘fault’ zone on if the calls are not received. This gives the end-user confidence that the system is operating properly.


Advanced users may wish to program the units themselves.   A Windows based Programming software Kit (with USB cable for PC) can be purchased, which allows all functions to be programmed and stored in the system’s secure non-volatile memory.

Scope Communications UK Ltd
Scope Communications UK Ltd