Self-monitoring, “industrial strength” radio paging system. Conforms to recommendations of BS 5839-1:2017, Section 18, for alerting the hearing impaired in the event of a fire.

Tried, Tested And Trusted

Designed to work in conjunction with the building’s fire alarm system for alerting the deaf and hard of hearing, the Pagetek Pro has been widely adopted by schools, universities, offices, factories, hotels, shops, and other premises open to visitors.


The PageTek Pro 2, with its higher power output, RS232 and optional ethernet connectivity, provides even greater versatility and extends coverage on larger sites.


Alerting Vulnerable People To The Activation Of A Fire Alarm

It is a legal requirement to notify everyone in a Commercial Building of a fire evacuation. The primary means of giving warning of fire in a building comprises an audible alarm signal from a bell or electronic sounder or a verbal message from a voice alarm system.  However, there are many cases where audible messages & sounders need to be supplemented by a visual and tactile alarm signal controlled by a fire panel.


Subject to normal risk assessment, the use of a Scope PageTek Pro 2 and pager with its tactile vibrating alert, in conjunction with standard flashing beacons installed in high-risk areas, helps to meet your obligations.

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Mains Input​

Mains Power Consumption​

System Operating Voltage​

System Power Consumption​

90-230V AC @ 50-60 Hz​

10W max​

14.2V DC​

<70mA standby, 1.2A transmit​​

RF Power Output​

Not Exceeding 2W ERP​

Compliant with BS 5839-1:2017, para. 18 and Annex C​


See Datasheet for full specifications


Scope’s policy is one of continuous development and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Backup Battery (not supplied)​


12V 18Ah SLA battery​

4 x dry contact n/c inputs (3 x Fire, 1 x Fault)
1 x Common fault n/o relay contact output
COM1: RS232 serial port​

Conventional Fire Systems

Where smaller standard conventional fire systems are installed, the PageTek Pro 2 transmitter provides a perfect solution for alerting hard of hearing visitors & staff, and conforms to the British Standards recommendations published in BS 5839-1:2017, section 18 and Annex C.


The Pagetek Pro 2 transmitter is connected to the fire system’s alarm output and triggered (latched) in a fire condition. The fire alarm message is transmitted to the pocket pager, which will continue to vibrate until the fire system is reset, when safe for staff to re-enter the building.

Addressable Fire Systems

For addressable fire systems, the ‘M’ version of the PAGETEK PRO 2 transmitter (PTPRO/2M) allows RS232 serial data connectivity to most leading fire system control panels.  


This gives the added advantage of the radio pager being able to virtually mimic the text displayed on the fire control panel, allowing designated fire marshals to receive “pre-alarm” messages generated by the fire system, prior to a full evacuation being implemented.


A hard-wired connection to the fire system’s alarm output is used to trigger the PAGTEK PRO 2 in a real fire condition. The fire alarm message is then transmitted to the pocket pager, which will continue to vibrate and display the Fire message until the fire panel is reset, once it is safe for staff to re-enter the building.


For added benefit, either networked or single user paging software is also available as an option.

Conventional Fire Systems


(H) 380* x (W) 320 x (D) 110 mm
[*840 mm with 34BNC antenna)​

Addressable Fire Systems

Night-time Alerting with the CNS Nightstand


For use with the 86ZAA pager, a Nightstand cradle provides a flashing beacon and escalating hi-output sounder, together with an optional pillow pad vibrator. Ideal for waking hotel guests or visitors who have hearing difficulties in the event of a fire.

Scope Communications UK Ltd
Scope Communications UK Ltd