PageTek 4 is an exceptionally flexible programmable UHF transmitter, available as either 5 zone or 10 zone models, which will automatically send messages direct to radio pagers and signal to fixed receivers, when activated by opening or closing a switched input.

Pagetek 4 - Volts-Free or Voltage Triggers

Scope PageTek 4 paging transmitters are available with either 5 or 10 programmable zone inputs.


Each zone when triggered, will automatically send the active zone message to portable or fixed pagers. This message can be repeated at predetermined intervals and a secondary message can be sent when the zone returns to its inactive state if required.


Regular ‘In Service’ calls can be automatically sent to the receiving devices which can indicate ‘No Service’ on the pagers, or trigger a ‘fault’ zone on fixed receivers if the calls are not received. This gives the end-user confidence that the system is operating properly. The 10 zone version also has a special ‘Burglar Alarm’ mode with configurable entry/exit delay, transit zones and entry zone.


For advanced users who wish to program the unit themselves, a Programming Kit can be purchased. This consists of Windows based application software and a USB cable for PC. This allows all functions to be programmed and stored in the system in secure non-volatile memory.


12VDC, 24VDC and mains powered versions are available, with an optional battery back-up facility for the mains version.

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Programming Features


  • Individual Zone States (normally open, normally closed or change of state)
  • Voltage Input Triggers (5-18V)
  • Input trigger time
  • Transmission Delay
  • Transmission repeat functions
  • Local output (open collector)
  • Identity code (capcode) for each zone and each state.
  • Preformed text messages, either numeric or alphanumeric.
  • Low Battery Signal
  • ’In Service’ call period
  • ’Burglar Alarm’ mode (10 zone version only)
  • Tamper zone

Power Input


90 – 230V AC 50-60Hz @ 800mA

<H)* 328 x (W) 190 x (D) 75 mm
[ * 496 mm with 14BNC antenna]

Mains Powered Models

Power Input


12V Model: 12V – 13.8V DC @ 0.8A (max)
24V Model: 13.8V – 24V DC @ 0.8A (max)

(H)* 185 x (W) 140 x (D) 42 mm
[* 335 mm with 14BNC antenna]

DC Powered Models

Frequency Range (MHz)

RF Output

446.000 – 469.700 (subject to licensing conditions)

1W (max)

All Models

See data sheet for full specification


Scope’s policy is one of continuous development and specifications are subject to change without prior notice


PageTek 4 Equipped with 5 or 10 programmable inputs



5 or 10 dry contact/voltage inputs (configurable)
Open collector (siren) output: 1A max
Relay output for Power Fail indication
USB port for programming function only

(H)* 185 x (W) 140 x (D) 42 mm
[* 335 mm with 14BNC antenna]


Scope Communications UK Ltd
Scope Communications UK Ltd