Industrial Telemetry


The ever-flexible range of Scope switched input transmitters are widely used for automated machinery alerts both direct to radio pagers and to fixed receivers for remote switching and onward data transmission. Scope T-Link transmitter & receiver systems can also facilitate wireless building to building links, ideal where a highway separates parts of a site.

Access Control

Simple wireless call buttons for alerting and remote switching


In addition to the wearable Pendant, Scope provides wall-mounted and portable call buttons. This includes a “repeat until cancel” function with key reset for attendance validation and reporting, as well as a modular low power transmitter for OEM applications. These radio-based solutions allow rapid deployment and avoid disruptive and costly data cabling.

PageTek 4 

Equipped with 5 or 10 programmable inputs


A highly versatile switched input transmitter with a myriad of uses, often deployed to monitor breakdowns of machinery, ventilation, feed hoppers, water levels and the like. Each input can be programmed with predefined messages for onward transmission to handheld receivers carried by maintenance engineers.

PageTek 4 Equipped with 5 or 10 programmable inputs
Scope Communications UK Ltd

DigiLink 3

Volt-free or voltage triggers


Scope DigiLink transmitters have either 5 or 10 programmable zone inputs. Primarily used with the RX10 receiver, it provides a one-way telemetry link between control panels and other devices. Each zone can also be programmed with a predefined message, which when triggered, will automatically send the active zone message to radio pagers.

DigiLink 3


Provides a one-way UHF radio link between fire or intruder panels


The basic T-Link is a pre-configured 5-Zone, ‘off-the-shelf’ one-way radio link intended to connect remotely located fire panels, or intruder panels.


Ideal for wirelessly connecting remote buildings, or areas separated by roads.

Panic Alarms & Access Control

GEO40A10 Pager

A10 is the latest version of the best selling Scope GEO40 personal messaging receiver


8 addresses, multiple vibrate patterns, tactile Out of Range and Low Battery alerts, frequency programmable.

GEO28V3 Pager

Conveniently Rechargeable via USB


Four button operation with icon driven menu options make the GEO 28V3 pager quick and easy to use.



EPOC-S Responder

The EPOC-S heralds the beginning of a new era in critical response communication


Rugged IP67 rated two-way messaging alerter with Man-Down and SOS transmit functions. Large multi-colour screen can be programmed to provide colour-coded alerts. Manual and auto acknowledgement of messages provide reassurance when used in hostile environments.


Scope Communications UK Ltd
Scope Communications UK Ltd