Scope products have been used in many thousands of security applications over the years, some simple, others very inventive and ingenious! Whether it’s a small office or a large shopping complex, military or civil defence site, theme park or leisure centre, Scope radio systems can provide a professional solution.

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PB x B


Fixed radio panic buttons


Designed for wall or under-desk mounting, the PB1 and PB2 send a repeating signal when activated, until reset with a key. PB1 has a single front mounted button, PB2B has a button each side which should be pressed simultaneously to activate. Powered by a single 9V PP3 battery, the latest MK2 version provides 25 mW RF output power and features a programmable “Listen Before Transmit” mode, ideal for noisy radio-traffic environments.


GEO40A10 Pager

A10 is the latest version of the best selling Scope GEO40 personal messaging receiver


8 addresses, multiple vibrate patterns, tactile Out of Range and Low Battery alerts, frequency programmable.

GEO28V3 Pager

Conveniently Rechargeable via USB


Four button operation with icon driven menu options make the GEO 28V3 pager quick and easy to use.



GEO87Z Pager

The Big Screen pager alternative


With its large easy-read display, icon-driven menus and simple operation, it is used in a wide diversity of applications, from supermarkets to nursing homes.

Connexions Instant data text direct to handheld receivers


Instant text data direct to handheld receivers


Connexions forwards fire control panel events and pre-alarm information directly to fire marshals’ handheld receivers, thereby avoiding the need to go back to the fire control panel.  This saves precious time in the event of a false alarm, prevents disruption and can save considerable costs caused by productivity downtime. 


Software interfaces are available to operate with most popular analogue addressable fire systems.


Provides a one-way UHF radio link between fire or intruder panels


The basic T-Link is a pre-configured 5-Zone, ‘off-the-shelf’ one-way radio link intended to connect remotely located fire panels, or intruder panels.


Ideal for wirelessly connecting remote buildings, or areas separated by roads


DigiLink 3

Volt-free or voltage input triggers


Scope DigiLink transmitters have either 5 or 10 programmable zone inputs. Primarily used with the RX10 receiver, it provides a one-way telemetry link between control panels and other devices. Each zone can also be programmed with a predefined message, which when triggered, will automatically send the active zone message to radio pagers.

PageTek 4 Equipped with 5 or 10 programmable inputs

EPOC-BLU Responder

All the features of the EPOC-S, with added Bluetooth and GPS modules for location and tracking


The holy grail of critical messaging, a two way messaging device which also provides Indoor & Outdoor Location and Tracking.

Ideal for use by lone workers on construction sites, large industrial premises, specialist care establishments and agri-food businesses.


EPOC-BLU Responder
Scope Communications UK Ltd
Scope Communications UK Ltd