A10 is the latest version of the best selling Scope GEO40 personal messaging receiver, its familiar no-nonsense exterior hides more than a few secrets

Wolf In Sheeps Clothing


8 addresses, multiple vibrate patterns, tactile Out of Range and Low Battery alerts, frequency programmable, and with nearly every function selectable using the PC programming interface, the GEO 40A10 is an extremely flexible pager.

Scope Communications UK Ltd

Technical Information


Frequency programmable: either manually using the pager buttons (password protected) or with the PC programming interface


Canned text messages: Four 20 character messages can be pre-stored using the PC programming interface, and are activated by transmitting Tone Only call types


Programmable function select: most features can be disabled or enabled using the programmer (time stamping, reminder alert, message status, message lock). This allows the pager functions to be tailored to your exact needs, ensuring simplicity of operation


Hand Programming: the frequency, all eight capcodes and the baud rate can be reviewed and altered using the pager buttons. The capcodes can also be enabled or disabled individually, allowing rapid configuration changes to be done on site. This feature is password protected to prevent tampering, or can be disabled where not required


Anti-tamper modes: pager can be programmed “locked” in vibrate mode with the Off button disabled. This prevents accidental switch off or change of alert type, which might be critical for a deaf person using the pager to warn of emergencies


Out of Range warning: programmable option: when outside the service area, pager will display “No Service” and vibrate until acknowledged. It will then give a tactile reminder every 15 minutes until it is back in range


Low Battery Alert: programmable option: “Low Cell” message and tactile reminder when the battery needs changing


Multiple Alert Modes:

  • Tone (4 beep styles + melody)
  • Vibrate (4 patterns)
  • Tone + Vibrate
  • “Urgent” Tone + Vibrate
Scope Communications UK Ltd
Scope Communications UK Ltd
Scope Communications UK Ltd