Scope DL5 / DL10 DigiLink Transmitters Have Programmable UHF 5 Or 10 Switching Inputs For Telemetry Applications

Volt-Free or Voltage Triggers

Scope DigiLink transmitters have either 5 or 10 programmable zone inputs.


Each zone when triggered, will automatically send the active zone message to  pagers. Use with the  RX10 Receiver and  suitable aerials to provide a telemetry link between panels or other devices.


Regular ‘In Service’ calls can be automatically sent to the receiver which can trigger a ‘fault’ zone if the calls are not received. This gives the end-user confidence that the system is operating properly. The 10 zone version also has a special ‘Burglar Alarm’ mode with configurable entry/exit delay, transit zones and entry zone.


For advanced users who wish to program the unit themselves, a Programming Kit can be purchased. This consists of Windows based application software and a USB cable for PC. This allows all functions to be programmed and stored in secure non-volatile memory.


12VDC, 24VDC and mains powered versions are available, with an optional battery back-up facility for the mains version

Scope Communications UK Ltd

Key Features


  • 5 and 10 zone models, fully programmable activation (N/O, N/C or Change of State). Hardware configurable as either voltage or ‘dry’ switched inputs
  • Each zone and each zone state is fully programmable
  • Adjustable trigger times, delays, alarm repeats are all programmable options plus a new ‘Burglar Alarm’ mode on the 10 zone version
  • UHF POCSAG signalling format ensures excellent propagation even in difficult environments
  • 12VDC, 24VDC and mains powered versions available

Power Input


90 – 230V AC 50-60Hz @ 800mA

(H)* 328 x (W) 190 x (D) 75 mm
[ * 496 mm with 14BNC antenna]

Mains Powered Models​

Power Input


12V Model: 12V – 13.8V DC @ 0.8A (max)
24V Model: 13.8V – 24V DC @ 0.8A (max)

(H)* 185 x (W) 140 x (D) 42 mm
[* 335 mm with 14BNC antenna]

DC Powered Models​

Frequency Range (MHz)

RF Output

458.5125 – 458.9375


All Models

See data sheet for full specification


Scope’s policy is one of continuous development and specifications are subject to change without prior notice


Scope DL5 / DL10 DigiLink Transmitters

Programming Features


  • Individual Zone States (normally open, normally closed or change of state)
  • Voltage Input Triggers (5-18V)
  • Input trigger time
  • Transmission Delay
  • Transmission repeat functions
  • Local output (open collector)
  • Identity code (capcode) for each zone and each state.
  • Preformed text messages, either numeric or alphanumeric.
  • Low Battery Signal
  • ’In Service’ call period
  • ’Burglar Alarm’ mode (10 zone version only)
  • Tamper zone


UK Licence Requirement

5 or 10 dry contact/voltage inputs (configurable)
Open collector (siren) output: 1A max
Relay output for Power Fail indication
USB port for programming function only

None – Licence exempt.


Scope Communications UK Ltd
Scope Communications UK Ltd