About Us


Since 1982, Scope has grown from being an importer and distributor of radio equipment to its present-day position as a leading UK designer, manufacturer and exporter of high reliability UHF radio systems covering all aspects of On-Site Paging, Security and Telemetry.


We offer both a catalogue of off-the-shelf products, and a bespoke design service when customer-specific features are needed.

Scope Communications UK Ltd

Product Excellence


Scope’s design approach directly matches the needs of our customers with its focus on reliability, resilience and safety.


Each new product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance with all applicable Radio, EMC and Safety standards.  New products are sent to independent UKAS and Notified Body Status laboratories for verification testing in accordance with the relevant European Directives, UK Regulations, and where applicable, FCC rules for products sold in the USA.


Commitment To Quality


Quality is not only evident in the performance, finish and reliability of our products, but also in how we do things.  Throughout our custom-built factory, you can see a well-established quality system based on BS EN ISO 9001.  Our factory is also audited and approved by UL (underwriters Laboratories) for the manufacture of certain products for the USA market.


Customer Satisfaction


Our team of highly motivated staff are committed to total customer satisfaction.  Building on our product quality design and manufacturing ethos, commitment continues in all other aspects of the business.  Our technical support, service and sales team consistently provide outstanding service directly assisting our customers at every stage, from pre-sales technical advice, through the order and supply process to post-sales technical support and service.


Commitment To The Future


Scope reinvests a significant amount of its income on new product development and to ways of “doing things better”.  This helps us to maintain our national and international reputation.  Building on more than 35 years of hands-on experience in the Radio Messaging industry, we are now developing new ranges of competitively priced radio products which are modular, field programmable and adaptable to new market demands.





Scope Communications UK Ltd
Scope Communications UK Ltd