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In care and nursing homes, bedhead call-points enable patients to summon help.  Scope radio paging products work with nurse call systems to alert staff efficiently, with prompt messages advising the location of patient and degree of urgency.

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GEO28V3 Pager

Conveniently Rechargeable via USB


Four button operation with icon driven menu options make the GEO 28V3 pager quick and easy to use.



GEO87Z Pager

The Big Screen pager alternative


With its large easy-read display, icon-driven menus and simple operation, it is used in a wide diversity of applications, from supermarkets to nursing homes.

EPOC-BLU Responder

All the features of the EPOC-S, with added Bluetooth and GPS modules for location and tracking


The holy grail of critical messaging, a two way messaging device which also provides Indoor & Outdoor Location and Tracking.

Ideal for use by lone workers on construction sites, large industrial premises, specialist care establishments and agri-food businesses.


EPOC-BLU Responder

Radio Pendant

Simply push the button to call for assistance


Wearable radio alarm pendants are used to help protect vulnerable people or staff at risk.  Pushing the button on the pendant sends a message to a receiver connected to an alarm panel, and/or directly to pagers.  The pendant can also be configured to detect a fall or non-movement.



Multi-port data transmitter enables a prompt and appropriate response by staff


Pressing the button on a bedhead call point alerts the Nursecall station.  The Scope radio paging system messages the care worker, advising the bed location and the nature or urgency of the alarm.  This enables a prompt and appropriate response by staff, avoiding the need to attend the nurse’s control station.

Nightstand Multi

Hearing Impaired

Alerting vulnerable people to the activation of a fire alarm


In sheltered housing, hearing-impaired residents may not hear a fire alarm sounder, especially at night, when hearing aids are not generally worn.   When a fire occurs, the fire alarm system will trigger the purposely designed PageTek Pro 2 transmitter.  In turn, this will activate a specially formatted pager that vibrates, bleeps loudly, flashes a bright light, and displays the fire alarm message.

Wireless Call Buttons

Radio-based solutions mean no disruptive or costly cabling


Simple wireless call buttons for alerting and remote switching. In addition to the wearable Pendant, Scope provide both wall-mounted and portable call buttons. This includes a “repeat until cancel” function with key reset for attendance validation and reporting.

These radio-based solutions allow rapid deployment and avoid disruptive and costly data cabling.

Wireless Call Buttons
Scope Communications UK Ltd
Scope Communications UK Ltd