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RX10 class 1 radio telemetry receiver

10-zone programmable POCSAG receiver with serial output

The RX10 range is compatible with all our POCSAG transmitters and is completely programmable using PC based configuration software. The 10 zones each have an individual relay output which can be set for latching, momentary or change of state. there is also a common relay output which can be used to activate a sounder circuit etc. Text data from the transmitters can be output via the RS232 serial port for logging etc.

RX10 datasheet
RX10 Lite Datasheet
Declaration of conformity


  Key Features:  
  • 10 zones with individual LED and relay output per zone
  • Common relay output and sounder
  • RS232 serial port
  • Keyswitch reset facility
  • All functions are programmable with optional PC configuration software
  • Mains powered and 12V DC models available
  • 'Transmitter in service' facility
  • Class 1 receiver (RX10LT Lite version has class 1.5 receiver)

RX10LT class 1.5  radio telemetry receiver

RX10 Lite (RX10LT)



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