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Personal Radio Alarm Transmitter with fall detection and 'man down' alerting

The Scope MPA Personal Pendant is just as suitable for Healthcare Workers as it is for elderly and vulnerable patients. It can form part of a sophisticated integrated system by transmitting alarms to our fixed multi-zone receiver. This can then be integrated with OEM equipment, or used in conjunction with our Connexions range of paging products. For simple plug-and-play applications, just signal directly from the MPA Pendant to any of our portable pagers.

UK datasheet
Declaration of conformity

  Key Features:  
  • 2 trigger zones + fall alarm
  • An alarm call is triggered by pushing the button or disconnecting the neck-cord
  • Test call function
  • Non-contact cancel/inhibit function
  • Low power "sleep" mode
  • 10mW maximum output power
  • Programming module available

Ideal For ....

  • Distress alarm for elderly or disabled people
  • Fall alarm for elderly or disabled people
  • Panic or assistance alarm for Health Care workers