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Low Power UHF Transmitter Module

The LTX transmitter is a low powerSRD transmitter intended tobe used in applications that requireradio alerts on demand from a user or automated by the configuration software.Frequency can be programmed from 433MHz - 460MHz*and power output can be varied from 0dBm - 10dBm. Standard Scope radio protocol is transmitted direct to Rx devices.The LTX unit can be configured with the optional programming kit comprising of a dedicated interface cable (USB to boardheader) and PC software.Each of the four inputs can have its own configured message along with a Reset message, low battery message and a battery shutdown message.

  • Configurable message for each contact(up to 21 characters)
  • Can be configured as Normally Open, Normally Closed or Toggle
  • Repeat enabled (up to 4 for each event)
  • Repeat time can be configured (5 - 255 secs in 5 second steps)
  • Test calls repeat messages up to 18 hours
  • Reset message(up to 21 chars)
  • Low Battery message(up to 21 chars)
  • Battery Shutdown message (up to 21 chars)
  • Contact response time = 10mS min, 15mS max (contacts cannot be used as fast pulse detector)
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