Making Waves
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Scope have taken it’s 84Z pager and super-charged it to new heights of performance! Now featuring a rechargeable AA battery, even louder audible alert and intelligent charger/docking station.
Optional charger/nightstand with multiple alert
outputs and USB (charger only unit also available)
8 addresses (individually selectable Off/ Tone/Numeric/
OTA (Over-the-Air) Address re-programming
Address & frequency hand programmable (password protected)

Out of Range (NO Service) Indicator

On-screen charge status & diagnostics
Pillow output / Relay output (N/O, N/C)
External antenna with gain amplifier
USB port for programming and data output/call logging
Auto address inhibit when pager placed in docking station
Alerting hard of hearing to a fire situation
(see PageTek Pro)
To alert sleep-in staff to an emergency

GEO86ZMAA (pager)
CNSMUK (Nightstand)
VIBPILLOW (vibrating pillow pad)


Download PDF brochure

GEO85Z AA POCSAG pager with Nightstand and vibrating pillow pad for fire and DDA application