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The Scope F-Link system is a four input supervised transceiver which forms part of a linked radio network for remote alerting and status monitoring, typically of fire and security panels

Designed to be an 'off the shelf' product so does not need bespoke factory configuation

Four user-configurable dry-contact inputs and four user-configurable relay outputs plus a 'Link Fail' relay
Employs polling, acknowledge-back and "listen before talk" techniques for robustness and reliability of the radio signals
Standard configuration enables up to 3 'nodes' + a 'master'. Expanded systems of up to 15 nodes are possible
'Signal Jam' and 'Link Fail' indication in addition to received signal strength display

Can be powered from host panel (10V to 30V DC, 500mA minimum supply)


Radio standards ETS EN 300 220

Notified body 0891

EMC Stansards ETS EN 301 489

Safety standards EN 60950

Part References:

FLINKKIT - Pair of F-Link transceivers + aerials
FLINK - Additrional F-Link transceiver + aerial
LUHFDPSMA - Optional Lightweight dipole aerial with 5 metres (approx) cable

Full Details & Spec (pdf)

radio fire panel link
F-Link UHF linked radio network