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DigiLink transmitter

Versatile multi-input programmable telemetry transmitter for security, fire, access control and many other applications

Scope’s latest generation of DigiLink transmitters are fitted with high specification transmitter modules to provide solid, reliable signalling to RX10 or RX2 fixed receivers
DigiLink 3 has either five or ten inputs which can be activated by volt-free or voltage triggers or a mixture of both dependant on the configuration.
Regular ‘In Service’ calls can be automatically transmitted which can trigger a ‘fault’ zone on the receiver if the calls are not received. This gives the end-user confidence that the system is operating properly.

The 10 zone version also has a special ‘Burglar Alarm’ mode with configurable entry/exit delay, transit zones and entry zone.

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  Key Features:  
  • 5 and 10 zone input versions
  • Mains powered, 24V and 12V DC models
  • Automated 'In Service' calls can be sent to a RX10 receiver to drop a zone relay if the radio signal is lost
  • Fully programmable via USB with optional PC software
  • Adjustable trigger times, delays, alarm repeats are all programmable options.
  • 10 input version has a dedicated burglar alarm mode
  • UHF POCSAG signalling format ensures excellent signal integrity, even in difficult environments